To my old thought process.

V came back today. We passed out for three hours, until I woke & left to drive home down my favorite freeway and staring at the hills, trees, signage, everything. Large billboards, I’ve always loved them. The blatant advertising in LA. A definitive characteristic, one more facet of LA that adds to LA’s personality.
The Disney Hall, now a solid LA trademark, was designed by Frank Gehry, to be constructed out of a particular metal that allows for projection of images onto its shape. But ‘they’ have not taken advantage of that ability. This is a crime: not being at its fullest potential.


A large part of why I joined this writing group was to regain what I had: the thought process of thinking in narrative form. My present thinking would manifest as if I were writing. This has benefits:

1. When you actually do write, you concentrate less on form and content and you can elaborate & adorn creatively.

2. Knowing that you’re awesome.


V came back today. It was spice & nice. He is beautiful, he really is, bloody eye & all. Would it be too cheesy or trite to say he is the embodiment of being beautiful both inside and out?


On the drive home I had my narrative thought process going along in my head quite nicely, but I’m not very good at it, because I’ve forgotten much of what I had planned to write. Or the organization is very flawed and not coming together as I had hoped. I’m not at my fullest capacity.


Off my exit, there is a club on the corner, and during the weekend nights, I see the patrons hailing cabs or waiting for valet or whatever, & as I was waiting on my red light, a group of people were huddled around a car, & a tall guy had a rod that he was pushing down into the window on the other side of the car. He opened the car and everyone clapped. He walked off to his own car, waving at them, & I smiled. This is how you know you’re an urban enough: a.) when you recognize how to illegally unlock a car b.) when you smile at someone doing so c.) when you get mugged.

Luckily I’ve done all three so I never have to prove my street cred to no one.. No one, you hear..?


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