Je t’aime, Wednesday.

Wednesdays: a good day for the sole attribute that they’re in the middle of the week, but not as good as Thursdays when you’re just a bit more to go and definitely not as good as Fridays.
(Look: I found this funny blog that chronicles many of my thoughts, and those of many of my colleagues, friends, family, and unknown populations across the globe: my life in a cube: so depressing it’s almost funny)

It’s sort of some kind of awful when I’m here clinging on to the toes of Wednesday when it’s barely the 11th hour of Tuesday, but I suppose that’s exactly what Wednesdays are in the scheme of the week.


Norwegian Wood: Not just a nonsensical song written by the Beatles, the novel written by Murakami, have you read it?
If you haven’t, and you’re looking to read a book that will inspire you to write, or cause you to cry and provoke suicidal thoughts because you will never be as good, which is the same as inspiration, either/or– go to the library now. It’s inside-outside amazing, turn it out, no holes, it is absolutely perfect, a literary molotov cocktail.



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  1. someivygirl

    Wow, quite a plug you have given there.

    I just might have to read it!

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