J’adore Friday.

Not for anything else but the sole fact that it’s the last of its kind until Monday.

Ideas for weekend:


Build a fort

Bake brownies

Try cooking.

Go to brunch.

Take a walk.

Enjoy Farmer’s Market.



I’m going on cruise control. Not just figuratively. Literally– because of gas prices. Supposedly the mileage is better. But you have to be more attentive– know when to slow down.
Life is better without cruise control, you know? To be more conscientious, authoritative, and proactive. In an optimal world, I believe.
The thing is that I need feedback, I really do. Otherwise I shrivel up & die because self-motivation is clearly not enough– admiration from others unfortunately trumps all. It’s not like I like it. This effects the writing effort because it subtracts the most important component: effort.
Next step: how to be conscientious, authoritative, and proactive without a prompt of feedback.

Thing is– it’s only interesting when there’s vulnerabilities involved, a sufficient amount of exposure.  Just enough. Minus that factor & no one will care what happens to you. Or your characters. Or your life as a whole. We don’t read to know facts. We know the facts already. The abstract– why behind the facts– is the focus that miscellany swirls about its magnetic pole.


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