To Vanity for whatever reasons.

Age and lines came earlier than expected.  I expected it eventually in my late-thirties or even (because I suffer from bouts of delusion and because my mother is still gorgeous)– early-forties, not in the immediacy when it snuck up to me.  Not under my nose, but rather under the eyes.  The quotation marks when I smile or crinkle.  Lines around my mouth.
They seemed to become more pronounced and worsen exponentially and I blamed such factors like lack of sleep and heavy drinking-unhealthy eating and celebration of 420..those and the most likely culprit– stress at work.
That’s what’s doing my looks in.

Everyone’s heard of the theories and experiments with plants.  Speak nicely to plants and they’ll flourish, full tendrils and leaves reaching towards the sky in their ambition and triumph.  Yell at them and they will diminish and grow sickly, afraid to branch out.

There was an experiment with a similar premise in Japan with water.  The water that was spoken to nicely had cells shaped like snowflakes, and the unfortunate ones were shaped like unsightly blobs.  Conclusion was, a large majority of our bodies is water.  Stress and negative energy manifesting physically.  Treat accordingly.


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  1. thereisalwaystime

    Oh yes. I had inexplicable skin aberrations for months, and soon after I had an epiphany about something that has been in the back of my mind for over a year, they suddenly began to heal. The body tells us things, and seems to get angrier and more dramatic when we don’t listen.

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