Too many things to think about.

One of my most prominent feelings is dread, usually applying to a specific impending date in the future.  Can’t really call it stress or anxiety but just what it is.  Dreading.  Just can’t wait for that date to be over.  Right now that date is every week.

Sorry, I have nothing to write about.  My mind is busy thinking about how to get enough sleep and work and juggle these two classes and see people and write so I’m just going to have to go now…
I thought about learning to meditate.  To empty your mind like a glass.  Except I wondered when I was going to fit that in.  To be completely honest, when people don’t tell me they don’t have time to do things, I think they’re full of crap, because I know tons of people who do so much and still have time to relax.

An interesting article on multitasking:  in any case, I don’t really believe our souls and minds are meant to live in society this high-paced.. creativity sort of dies when mundane life gets in the way.


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