city she loves me

I thought I was the only one who had a love affair with the City of LA.  That I alone, was special in recognizing adored attributes like freeways and billboards and sprawl that characteristically gives LA its simultaneous revered and hated feeling.  When I looked at the mass of off-ramps and on-ramps of the interstates I saw the arms and legs of two lovers curved and interlocking in tight embrace.


I’m reading a book on LA’s urban development that describes the freeways as “a love affair” and having “magical allure”.  I’m seriously shocked that I was surprised!

Something sort of deflated in me to know I’m hardly the first nor last to be enchanted– really!  A case of being the Little Prince’s Rose, unlike any other rose?
I’m jealous of 7 million other Angelenos.

Almost like– I thought you were my city?
And here you are, spreading your love all over town.



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2 responses to “city she loves me

  1. manibalang

    LA is a dangerous lover, but damn good.

  2. thereisalwaystime

    LA has Multiple Personality Syndrome, so feel better- -I don’t think any of us are in love with quite the same one.

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