Went to the caltrans building today.  I’ve always thought it was an amazing building from the outside facing Los Angeles street, with all its windows reminscient of high school gyms, but the courtyard it even more spectacular as well as the inside.  The insides are even better.  The elevator walls, covered in hanging chain mail– I asked a man in the elevator, “Is it always like this?  Or is this for moving?”  And he told me, with obvious pride in his voice, that it is decoration.
Some people think it’s an overpriced piece of junk that looks like a prison, but shoot, it’s the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen– in my own glorious opinion, it’s a greater architectural beauty than the Disney Hall.  As I left I thought that I’d bring V down him to show him.  Serious.  Yo, check out your city.

Next beautiful stop:  Water and Power.  No joke.


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