how to handle those types: tersely

Girl walked into the back office space where I was talking on the phone with a client and hands me a business card–government style– with a post-it on it that reads, “Mr. so-and-so is here to talk about your friend.”  I what the hell in my mind and rudely ask my client, who I’m calling to request she donate a portion of her immune system, if I can call her back because I’ve got something to do.  She says no problem.  In the front office I hear an unfamiliar male voice, and peering into a cubicle, is a middle-aged blond man, heavyset and wearing a suit.  I introduce myself and he flashes his badge on me, all law-enforcement like, and I offer him coffee.  He’s already got some cold water, thanks.

We talk in another room about my friend.  I’m a reference.  I’m speaking in my work voice, which is nothing like how I really speak, which is Southern California Sorority.  He’s asking me questions.

— Where does she live.  Who does she live with.  Have you been there.  Did you notice anything strange.  Like Che Guevara on the walls, ‘Down with US Government’ poster, or a meth lab?  Is she constantly borrowing money?

I wish I had the creative balls to make this shit up but fortunately life makes up for fantasies adequately.



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2 responses to “how to handle those types: tersely

  1. edrensumagaysay

    dude. man. you’re awesome. can’t explain it. i can draw it, though. ‘coz it looks like a series of pictures. mental high five.

  2. graceyoung

    It sounds like you were able to handle it well. Whenever people with official badges talk to me I spill everything. So far it’s only been the police on campus telling me I am breaking the rules for riding my bike. But the one guy loves me. So it’s been cool.

    I hope your friend stays safe.

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