Had another dream about my dead grandfather.  I say “dead” instead of “grandfather who passed away” or other niceties because unlike other ways where words are used to delineate something the speaker doesn’t mean, this is about reality of the facts.

The dream didn’t start off with my grandfather.  I was at V’s place, transforming nicely from reality to subjective unconsciousness, where we were playing a game of chase of some sort, a ridiculously childish game for hours.  Afterwards, we went to a taco-like truck selling BBQ.  Wanted all three sides.
Repeated this for two days and stumbled onto his huge bathroom with a stand-alone tub and other non-reality existent rooms while playing the chase game.  I opened a large closet, with clothes hanging, and I said to V, “We sort of forget about this part of your place, don’t we?”

Had an incident of driving erratically, unable to control the car, driving through some sort of mechanism from the backseat.

We went to a bar.  One very old man hit on me in front of V.  I said that’s funny– that’s the 2nd time it’s happened today with an old men.  I saw my parents.  They were talking with other people and later left together, my mother flippantly holding onto my dad’s tie.  My sister smoked openly.  I followed them into another room, turned the corner– and saw my grandparents and aunt and other relatives.  I just looked at them from that distance so happily.  I wanted to talk to him, give him a hug, but I was wondering what time it was.  So that I’d have enough time.

Looked up from my sleep to the red-lit clock– it was 10 pm.  I was awake and there was no turning back to where I’d just been, and I started to cry out missed opportunity.


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