To those who say words don’t mean much but actions do– would they like to be evacuated?

Learned something from watching television today– granted, HBO ‘isn’t just tv’, but ‘The Wire’ is an extensive course in the definition of a city, and more than that, jurisdictional issues, grant issues between local and state governments– the intergovernmental relationship.  So really, I’m learning something.  Theory put into art into practice into theory.

Although what I was referring to earlier is not anything government-related.  Word related.  Choice of diction and usage.  A reporter writes in a column, “Sixty-five people evacuated.”  The editor tells her that people do not evacuate and that if they are, it’s through the use of an enema.

The reporter goes back to her desk, and refers to a dictionary and says, astonished, “he’s right.”

So if people are evacuated:  that means their insides are being emptied

What you mean to say is:  the building was evacuated, not the people.

Watch which word is modifying what!



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