A ball, bouncing on a floor, exerts pressure on the floor, and returning, pushes air upwards.  Like a catapult weapon in the Middle Ages.  Or when a lover gingerly takes a handful of just-washed hair to pull, grabbing hard, and feels the taut snap back.  In Physics, Newton’s third law of motion states taught that with any action, comes an equal and opposite reaction.

Manifest Destiny, in quest of its pride, and of its less preferable characteristics, have brought cultures to the brink of extinction across the world, unable to adhere to the law of motion of equality how it’s seen in the social sense.  In recent history: the Koreans and Japanese; the Turks and the Armenians; the Nazis and the Jews; the Tutsi and the Hutu; the English and the South Asian Indians; the Catholics and the Hugenots; and sadly, this list is in no way comprehensive.  This is how it works– one nation that pulls up in power, will push another down, like a Newtonian bouncing ball.  At the height of British power, there was a saying: the sun never sets on the British Empire.

There is a man in class; he is middle aged and from Spain.  I am not sure how long he’s been in the states, but he speaks with such a vitriolic hate towards America, the government, the bureaucracy, the people, that I wonder why he’s here.

Maybe he is unaware, or has not accepted, that everything is dichotomous, like Newton’s law– bad parts come with the good– and nothing is perfect.

(but, if it were– I’d like to be equal parts-scathingly gorgeous equal parts-tart equal parts-intellectual equal parts-devastatingly amazing writer whose only real obligations are to drink coffee, read, and write.)

American Manifest Destiny, popularized by the Monroe Doctrine and implemented through free land, pushed settlers in and Indians out.  For the destruction of the native North American peoples, the decimation of their culture and population, degradation of culture and segregation on reservations, let them have casinos.  As many as they want.  Because celebrating their destruction by later instituting a defunct celebratory October holiday, is never appropriate.

A parasitic relationship that brought measles, smallpox, and influenza to North America, killing millions, while taking the native tomato back to Europe.  Imagine, the rich history of Italian disjointed political entities from a civilization thousands of years old that spanned the enormity of the known world and spread Christianity, and later, the birthplace of the Renaissance– with only white pasta, white pizzas.  The New World discovered disease, and as a opposite reaction, the Old World discovered tomatoes, and created some of the tastiest dishes in the world.



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2 responses to “Tomato

  1. soulinmyfist

    wow wtf… crazy piece. very clever.

  2. thisbrianisyourbraininverted

    Seems to be reflective of today, where we just pick out things we like from different cultures, but filter out anything else they go through. Blues and jazz are just good music, stripped out of its Jim Crow context. Hip-hop is now big business, but really began from kids in the South Bronx with nothing.

    It’s like poor folks from third world dark people countries about how you can love their food, their music, their culture, but you don’t hate their oppression.

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