Lisa– hates working.  Politics will do that to you.  Being in that back and forth muck and of issues and constituents and the pretense of caring about it all– she would rather be doing a lot of other things:  eating spring rolls and drinking alcohol– doesn’t matter what kind, any’ll do– or people watching while drinking alcohol– any kind– or going on a date with some poor schmuck that barely holds her attention unless he buys lots of alcohol– any kind.  Any of those things.  A museum was ok, too.

Or chatting with bums by bus stops about Asian-American issues.  There were hardly any Asian bums so she found she could win these debates easily.  She hated working and would rather be a conceptual editor for a publishing company but she knew they were going to shit.


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  1. shortnmorose

    love your characters. i can see lisa vividly.

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