Pepper the Puppy — A Children’s Story.

Pepper had been playing in his yard all day and the only thing that could make it better was a nice, juicy, bone!

Just then, he heard a car coming.  He looked up.  It was a truck with a picture of a large bone driving by!

Excitedly, he ran to his secret hole in the fence he dug the day before.  He squeezed through.  His leather collar snapped off, but Pepper didn’t notice.  He ran after the truck, on and on.  Finally, the truck stopped.  Whew!  Pepper happily approached the yummy bone on the truck.

All of a sudden, a net fell over him.  It was the dog catcher!

Back at the pound, Pepper was put into a cage.  Without his collar, the pound had no idea who to call.  Pepper was scared and sad.  The other dogs looked rough.

He heard a man’s voice say, “This is the only dog here that has ears peppered with spots, like you described.”

“Pepper, it’s you!  Let’s go home.”

They all went home and Pepper was very happy to be back.  His owner put him down by his bowl.  A brand new bone, waiting just for him!


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  1. edrensumagaysay

    You know what? I love this story. So simple. So soda fountain. Reminds me of the books I used to read. The ones my mom got from the travelling salesman. The ones where there’s a whole series, differentiated by color and number. Some were compilation of stories like this, while others were reference books on countries of the world and how to make costumes out of everyday things. Yes. This story reminds me of the childhood I wish I had. I guess stories are just that awesome.

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