Mary and Joseph, con’t.

He dropped the coins in the meter, only after the sacrifice did he notice the “FAIL” light blinking.  It didn’t matter, he hardly paid attention to anything until he found they offended him, like this “FAIL” light, taunting him.  What he realized was the core of his being:  to live in a life entrenched with more oblivion of his surroundings and others until it was brought to his attention that he was inconvenienced.

“Hello, hi?”  Mary looked impatient, her right foot stamping on the floor with each sarcastic salutation.

“Sorry,”  he walked closer to her.  “I fucked up– put money in a broken meter.”  He shuffled his feet.  “Pretty dumb.”

“You noticed.”  She clapped and stomped her feet again, but not in the annoyed way she did before.

“What do you mean?  You knew it was broken?”

She gathered a hoodie sweatshirt and her purse.  “Well yeah,” she said, walking without looking back at him.  “I always park here because it’s broken.  Who has change when there are credit cards?  Just wanted to see if you’d notice the broken meter.  Guess ya didn’t.”

“Hey.  It took me a long time to find four quarters.  Went through the typical hiding places– couch.  Had to rob my laundry stash.”  He quickly caught up with her.

“Well, if it’s worth so much to you, you should’ve kept your eye on it, watch where it’s going, instead of being la-la-la about it.”  She stopped in front of a three-story brick building.  “This is it– Matt’s house.”

Joseph wasn’t in the mood to hang out with a possible rival and muttered, “Whoever the fuck Matt is.”

“Your new best friend.  Now shut the fuck up and be nice.”  She shushed him.


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