“You can’t give everyone everything at once– there’s the diminishing utility law.  It might be great at first, whatever it is you want– money, sex, toys, sex toys– but it won’t be that great after a while.  It can’t.  It’s because you never had anything at first, you go from broke, so it’s always the best.  Remember when you lost your virginity.  Then 25 years later.  You feeling it the same?  Nope.  But that’s how the world works, human nature, the law of diminishing utility, returns.  You live and let live.  Can’t do nothing, but try to pretend like you’ve had nothing and it’s all spick-span new.”

Roy finished mumbling, his face settling nicely in his plate of cold nachos, his dessert after a buffet of beers.


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  1. love.me.as.i.am

    ah. I like this…

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