Moi, Voila.

Being really fast & efficient in security at the airport, fully enjoying eggs that I previously refused to eat my entire life, using dashes to punctuate my clauses because semi-colons are too Victorianesque, &… cuggles.

Banging on Keyboard, using double coupons, boycotting buying coffee, reading as many articles as possible that I can reference & juxtapose to any subject in conversation to sound erudite (ha), irony & hilarity in being Korean, preferring ampersands, & *secretly* enjoying any bad behavior that may or may not resonate from me.

Discipline & Delusion.

Edit as much as possible– delete and substitute and delete and delete.  When finished, skim off the top once more.  Over the top isn’t not good, it’s bad.

Because living in LA means looking through Palm Tree Projection.


One response to “Moi, Voila.

  1. klnds

    i may be your biggest fan. thanks for writing. -c

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